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Virtua Cop 2 is a light gun arcade game, released in 1995 and developed internally at Sega by their AM2 studio. It was ported to home systems on the Sega Saturn in 1996. It was released in PC in 1997 and Dreamcast in 2000. It was later bundled with Virtua Cop in Virtua Cop: Elite Edition for PlayStation 2 in 2002. This game was known as Virtua Squad 2 for the North American PC release. Download virtua Cop free Full or download Portable Virtua Cop.
The game features three levels through which the player's movement is automated on a predetermined path. It is the player's job to shoot the criminals that appear before time runs out and they shoot back. Along the way there will be various objects in the background that can be broken if shot, some of which will reveal power ups afterwards. At the end of each level there is a boss battle, as well as one extra final boss battle after all three levels have been finished.
The newly reformed E.V.I.L threatening the peace and safety of Virtua City. Its new leaders are currently unknown. Can they be allowed to continue their fiendish reign of terror?
Stage 1: Beginner: You interrupt a jewelry heist in progress, and follow the thieves in a running car-chase firefight.
Boss: Bobbie Louise, the leader of the assault on the jewelry store downtown. Bobbie Louise is one big customer, but don’t be fooled - he’s no slowpoke.
Stage 2: Medium: Rescue the mayor of Virtua City from vicious kidnappers. Follow them to their hideout in the yacht harbor, and blast them off the Fiesta Deck.
Boss: Aero-Divers, a high-tech paramilitary unit calling the shots in the mission to kidnap the Virtua City mayor. They prefer aerial combat tactics that make full use of the manueverability afforded by their rocket belt packs. They swarm all over their opponents in overwhelming group formations.
Virtua Cop 2
Virtua Cop 2
Stage 3: Expert: Pursue the crooks into the subway system, and even deeper into the heart of the Virtua City underground. Destroy the subterranean terrorist HQ.
Boss: Garse Bradley, the commander of a paramilitary terrorist organization, Bradley has a secret underground base in the bowels of Virtua City. Caution is advised in dealing with this heavily-armored commando. Garse’s favorite is a tank which he will use against the cops.
Final Stage: The stage is one final battle against the main villain.
Final Boss: The Mastermind, the man behind the recent chain of events and resurrected E.V.I.L. Nothing much is known about him, except he has a nasty grudge against the Virtua Cops. He is using a high-tech rocket belt pack similar to that of Aero-Divers.
Download Virtua Cop 2
Download Virtua Cop 2
Combat Training Mode
In a city plagued by crime, it isn’t unusual for the Virtua Cops to find themselves facing down crowds of gun-wielding thugs single-handed. To keep their skills honed to a razor edge, the Virtua City PD has developed a combat training simulator, known as the “ .Proving Ground.- This training environment is still in its developmental stages, but it is already capable of confronting a trainee with a variety of life-threatening “situations.” Each Proving Ground stage is designed to simulate a hostile urban environment thronging with gun-crazy punks. The goal of each stage is to blast through the crowd of flunkies while hunting down and taking out your rival player. Don’t worry about getting wounded in the crossfire though - every trainee gets body armor, and the guns fire paint pellets.

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