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BASIC STRATEGYThere are several steps you will need to follow in each and every mission.
1) Begin each mission by building a Headquarters. This allows you to build one or two Bulldozers and several Dump Trucks.
2) Use a Bulldozer to build a Resource Depot reasonably close to any resources you see, and then send your Dump Trucks to the resource to mine it.
3) When your Headquarters are built, you're ready for recruits! Use one of the Bulldozers to build a Barracks, and pump out those soldiers for an attack on the Tan. Create a basic squad comprised of Grunts, Grenadiers and a couple of Mine Sweepers. With your squad ready for action, send them out to explore the area immediately around your base.
4) Once you've sent your squads out to explore the area, you'll have a general idea of where the Tans attack from and the basic layout of the land. With these things in mind, build a Barbed Wire Fence around your camp. It's also a good idea to put a few Guard Towers between pieces of fence. The Tower functions as a lookout and has the firepower of several Grunts.
5) When you've got the resource reserves built up enough, upgrade your Headquarters to a Super Headquarters and build a Garage. Use the Garage to build Medic Trucks that can heal your troops, your buildings and each other. You can also create Machine Gun Trucks (aka: Half-Tracks), Minelayers and Tanks.
6) When you have the resources, upgrade your Barracks to Super Barracks. You can use this new structure to pump out a more specialized platoon: Bazooka Men, Machine Gunners, Snipers and Mortar Men.
7) Finally, when you have the resources available, upgrade the Garage to the Super Garage and make Choppers for aerial assaults on the Tan base!
NOTE: If any Building or Soldier icon in the Construction Menu appears shaded, you either don't have the necessary requirements or the resources available to build it yet.

System Requirements
The following are minimum system requirements to play the Army Men RTS
game. If these requirements are not met, the Army Men RTS game may not work properly.

Computer System: IBM PC and 100% compatibles
Operating System: Windows® 9X/Me/2k/XP home
CPU: Pentium® 233 (PII 400 Recommended)
Memory: 64MB RAM minimum; (96MB RAM recommended)
CD-ROM Drive: 4X CD-ROM Drive
Free Hard Disk Space: 310 MB
Sound Card: All major DirectX 8.0 compatible sound cards
Video Card: DirectX® 8.0 compatible with at least 16MB VRAM (32MB recommended)
Peripherals: Keyboard and mouse

56K modem or broadband for modem/internet play, TCP/IP protocol for network

Note: If your system has a later version of DirectX, make sure that your
hardware drivers are updated and comply with that version of DirectX.

Windows 2000 requires local administrator access.
Player is solely responsible for all Internet-related fees and charges.

Multiplayer Information

Complete the following steps to begin a LAN Multiplayer game:
1. Select "Multiplayer" from the Main Menu.
2. Enter your Name.
3. Create a New Game.
4. Enter a Game Name for this game.
5. When the Multiplayer LAN screen appears, make any appropriate
modifications to the game:
* Assign a team letter,
* Choose your troop's color,
* Add an AI team,
* Lock the Game (no one else may join), or
* Select your Mission (Choose the Map that you'll play on and it will
be displayed beneath the "Select Mission" button).
6. Select "Play" to begin!

Video Card And Other Hardware Drivers / DirectX

Sound Card: All major DirectX 8.0 compatible sound cards
Video Card: DirectX® 8.0 compatible with at least 16MB VRAM (32MB recommended)

Please ensure that you have the latest drivers for your hardware. You can get more information on which version of DirectX is supported by your version of the device drivers. Contact either the original manufacturer (such as ATI, Hercules, etc.) of the component, or the maker of the entire system (such as Compaq, Dell, etc.) that uses the component. Army men Rts Download here! or Download Via Ziddu Click here.!

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