Wandering Willows 2

Wandering Willows 2 Is Something So Incredibly Alluring You'll Burn Through A Few Hours Of Game Time Before You Realize What Hit You. Not Only Does Wandering Willows Contain Charming And Adorable Scenes And Characters, But Also Humor And The Freedom To Do Things In No Particular Order. Immerse Yourself In The Fantastical World Of Wandering Willows, A Casual Adventure Game From Play First. After Crash-Landing Your Balloon On A Mysterious Island,
Help The Islanders With Their Daily Tasks As They Help To Fix Your Balloon. Fear Not -- You're Not Alone on Your Quests! With Over 30 Enchanting Pets to Befriend and Train, You're sure to Find Just the Right Help to Garden, Bake, Create Clothing, Find Treasures, and And More for the Amusing Inhabitants!
  • Tons of adorable pets
  • Craft and charm your way home
  • Enter a world full of surprises!
Wandering Willows 2
Wandering Willows 2

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